Let The Church Rejoice: Drake and Kanye Squashed Their Beef (Allegedly)

Drake Kanye West

Look at God.

Drake and Kanye are best frenemies again.

In a series of Instagram posts from various parties, it was revealed that the two rappers buried the hatchet (and not in each other’s backs) at a Dave Chappelle show in Toronto.

First, let’s start with Drake’s IG post.


So, at the very least, it looks like these two — who took lyrical shots at one another in the past — can, at least, be in the same room together. Progress. That’s a good thing.

Now, let’s head on over to Ye’s page!


It’s the dove for me! So, apparently, Yeezy was making clear that there was “peace” between the two rappers. That’s great!

But wait, folks, we have one more entry: J. Prince!

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A post shared by J Prince (@jprincerespect)

“What a beautiful night I had last night in Canada. Let’s make history December 9 Free Larry Hoover Concert,” he wrote on Instagram, with the same picture of Drake and Kanye that the other two had.

So, based on all these posts, it looks like Drake and Kanye are friends again, and Prince’s post suggests that they’ll be performing together at the Free Larry Hoover concert on December 9.

The New York Post is reporting that Prince was the one who brokered the peace talks, which is a good thing, and the culture needed it.

But apparently, everyone in Toronto was talking about the Drake and Kanye West beef being settled, as evidenced by the tweets below.

Hopefully, Drake and Kanye can put the past behind them. Because things reached an all-time low with 2018’s “Duppy Freestyle” and bringing poor Adonis in the middle of all this.