Drake Labeled A Fraud While The Weeknd Is ID’ed As Real Toronto “Roadman”

The Weeknd Drake

Say it ain’t so, Aubrey!?

Drake is seemingly being disowned by the city of Toronto, while The Weeknd is being embraced, according to one of the city’s top steppers.

During a recent livestream conversation, the host of the platform invited a man who’s allegedly a respected Toronto Roadman to discuss the rap beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar. The man, who appears to be an up-and-coming YouTuber who goes by the name Lord Cardiak (@CardiakMax), didn’t hold back at all and started by using Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” diss as a point-for-point explanation for why Drake is a fraud.

“He’s not like us either,” Lord Cardiak said in part. “This man this is not a real Roadman like we’re talking about Aubrey right now get me. This is not a real Roadman him like them. We we all have an intimidating presence he’s not like us either bro I got to be on record for The Six for The City saying that.”

He continued, likening Drizzy and his situation to deceased Los Angeles Lakers’ legend Kobe Bryant and the rape accusations he stood trial for.

“We accepted him we accepted him because we drafted Kobe Bryant luckily you understand. We we had to push Kobe Bryant even when he had the allegation, he was all we had. We were the Lakers you understand? But not now we believe in trading people as well,” he said.

In another portion of his statement, the man broke down why The Weeknd is considered the more respected artist in Toronto.

“And the real Roadman them Abel, The Weeknd, he’s a real he’s a real rider a real stepper like he’s got really like guys behind him you understand,” he said. “I’m telling you what I know, you feel me? My word is bond. Drake’s not wanted in the city straight up man like that from the road man from the was the biggest we don’t want him here.”

The clip continues and reaches nearly seven minutes in total as the man goes in on Drake, citing him as a fraud and self-snitching appropriators by using his song “Jungle” as evidence.

Check out the full video below.