Drake Wants To Drop “For All The Dogs” In Toronto, So Lil Tecca Can Have His Moment

Drake - NYPD

Y’all think Drake Vs. Lil Tecca would’ve been a real thing?

I’m not even going to cap you down like that, but I can see how listening to Lil Tecca’s Tec album could leave you speculating Drake didn’t want first-week sales smoke with him.

At the same time, the thought alone is absurd—and it’s not because the music isn’t fire or because Tecca isn’t at the top of his game. It really has nothing to do with Tecca alone at all, other than the fact that his career is nearly a decade shy of what Drizzy’s currently is. It’s literally a situation of 16 million to one versus 76 million to one in the case of monthly Spotify listeners for the pair—with the tally clearly falling in Drake’s favor.

Not to mention that For All The Dogs will be Drake’s third album within the last year, while TEC is Tecca’s first in nearly three. Furthermore, Doja Cat, who’s arguably the biggest pop star on the planet right now, dropped her album on Friday (September 22) too—so it’s not like Tecca would’ve been the only competition Drake’s team might’ve considered if they even did.

Realistically speaking, though, there are three fairly blatant and finite explanations behind why the 6 God pushed his record back. The first actually intertwines with the second and is the fact that it makes sense he pushed the release back to October 6 when he will be descending upon Toronto for the homecoming show. And again, reason one is basically reason two because said homecoming show is a part of his massive It’s All A Blur Tour in support of he and 21 Savage’s Her Loss collab album. I keep telling folks, what sense does it make for this man to drop an album while he’s touring another?

Third and finally, there’s so much going on right now that I believe logistically it just didn’t make sense for Drake to forcefully execute a rollout while simultaneously juggling a tour, his apparent Houston real estate search and likely cease and desist letters from Halle Berry’s management team.

Nevertheless, Tecca deserves to have shine so check out the new project below.