Drake Withdraws His Grammy Nominations But Why?


Drake withdraws his Grammy nominations in an unprecedented move! But why? Illseed looks into it!


Drake has done something unprecedented. In the past we have seen rappers and others even boycott the Grammys. However, we have not seen an artist, to my knowledge, with a draw their Grammy nominations. That is exactly what Drake did today. The rapper with Drew three Grammy nominations for his latest album, certified lover boy, today.

But the big question is, why?

Last year, they cut his mic off when he was talking. Bet that won’t happen again.

A Recording Academy representative confirmed this news to Variety magazine. They have not determined why the megastar would do such a thing when his new album is nominated for Best Rap Album. The crazy thing is, they are not going to offer the now absent nomination slot to anyone else. That Lloyd Banks album needs a look! There were only be for nominees for the spaces that Drake is no longer involved in.

In the past, Drake has had a lot to say about the Grammys and said that people of the culture need to create something new. He also said that his fellow Canadian the Weeknd should have been nominated for some of those Grammys this year. 

Oh well!

I think it’s a good look in a rebellious sense of the word. I think that Drake is making a very bold statement and I also think that the Grammys have made extensive efforts to be more inclusive. They have included a large number of new recording Academy members to ensure that there is more diversity in the voting process. So there’s that! There have been numerous scandals and the CEO of The Recording Academy Harvey Mason Jr. is working really hard to clean up the past and bring them up to speed.

I guess we will just have to wait and see what the next development is. But Drake has said what he has said and that’s that.