Drake’s New Kendrick Lamar Diss Is Hard, But It’s Probably AI

Kendrick Lamar Drake

Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s beef is heating up so much the internets can’t wait. So they used AI to make some fake disses that range from great to terrible.

Do they have allegedly in reverse? This is allegedly Drake dissing Kendrick Lamar, yet it’s highly likely that it’s actually Artificial Intelligence behind it. However, some individuals believe it might genuinely be Drake, which adds a layer of complexity to the situation. Take a listen and share your thoughts.

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The bars in this piece are undeniably rough and disrespectful. It’s disappointing that it’s not Drake delivering them. Nonetheless, it would have ignited into a massive explosion if it was real. Currently, it feels more like a sparring match. Drake was compelled to respond, and in my view, he’s holding his ground for now. I am also glad he let Cole off the hook for not replying. Fans eagerly await Kendrick Lamar’s response with bated breath.

Here’s an AI-generated response to hold you over until the real one arrives.

In the meantime, Rick Ross is doing the most! He’s taunting Drake like crazy, as if they were never friends. He’s also going at people on the side like Birdman, who pledged allegiance to his former artists.