Dr. Dre Has A Response To Wife’s Divorce…PRENUP!

Dr. Dre is not going down with out a fight and there’s $800 million on the line!

(AllHipHop Rumors) It looks like Dr. Dre has a response to his wife’s filing for divorce and that response is there is a prenup!

If you thought Dr. Dre Was going to take a loss over the divorce from his wife, you pick the wrong answer. Dr. Dre reportedly has protection of his empire through a prenuptial agreement. The rapper/producer/mogul has filed a response to his wife’s divorce petition, saying that he will certainly pay spousal support. 

However, the prenup will decide how they go forward from here on. Now, it is a bit confusing but it seems like Dr. Dre is saying there is a prenup and the wife is saying there is no prenup. I don’t know where the confusion could be in this but there is no question that if there’s a prenup, there’s a prenup! If there is not a prenup, there is not a prenup! I am going to assume there is a prenup because Dr. Dre isn’t a fool. He was worth a lot of money and had a lot of value when he and Nicole got together.They were married for 24 long years!