Ebro Calls Kanye West Out For Being A Hypocrite!


(AllHipHop Rumors) One person who’s certainly NOT here for Kanye West is Hot 97’s Ebro!

Although Ebro says he will never fix his lips to say he’s not a fan of Kanye West as an artist, he does believe Kanye is out of his mind currently.

Following a series of rants and cancelled tours by Kanye, Ebro took a moment out to call Kanye out for being a user that only hits people up when he needs something from them.

He went on to call Kanye a hypocrite for complaining about the politics behind the scenes of music when he himself is just as bad, and is a part of the problem.

Ebro says Ye wouldn’t come to Hot 97, but he went to all of the iHeart media stations begging them to play his records. He also says Kanye can’t say f-ck radio when he calls Ebro every time he drops a project asking for radio support.

Ebro basically believes Yeezy is completely out of touch with reality.

How do you feel about Kanye’s recent rants. I believe the man needs help. mental health and its associated issues are very REAL!