Elon Musk’s Son Changes Gender To Distance Identity From Father

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Elon Musk’s son wants no parts of him so much so that he’s changing genders and divesting from the billionaire’s protection, power and money.

Elon Musk gets the father of the year award. And it is Opposite Day. In a startling turn of events, Xavier Alexander Musk has decided to completely change genders in an effort to distance herself/himself from her billionaire father. That is some SH!T to turn into a girl just to give pops the middle finger!

Xavier, who is a twin, recently turned 18, immediately, filed a petition to change his name to Vivian Jenna Wilson, which means that he is a she now.

The superior court of Los Angeles has the documents, but only released them recently to allow for Vivian to make the revelation herself. The revelation did emerge prior to Father’s Day, so I am assuming that there were no hammers or power drills being doled out at Elon musks home. He probably didn’t even BBQ.

Vivian specifically stated that she did not want to be associated with her biological father and that is that. Apparently Elon musk has had some seriously transphobic vibes around him and his son wanted no part of it.

“Gender Identity and the fact that I no longer live with or wish to be related to my biological father in any way, shape or form,” Viv said.

Apparently, Elon apologize for these things, but continued on to an extent where the son continually wants no part of him. So, that’s that! You know you are a real POS when your kid says, “I don’t want your money, power or anything from you, B!!!”