Epic Fail of The Day: Groom Fakes Bomb Hoax on His Wedding Day, Goes to Jail

Groom fakes bomb hoax at wedding venue that he forgot to book, ends up going to jail.

Neil McArdle is the star in today’s episode of Epic Fail of the Day. The British man forgot to book the venue for his wedding and instead of informing his fiancee or their guests, he faked a bomb threat. In the age of post 9/11, I’m not sure why he thought that was a good idea because now he’s going to jail.

Via Associated Press:

Neil McArdle called Liverpool’s St. George’s Hall from a phone booth on his scheduled wedding day in April, claiming a bomb was due to go off in 45 minutes.

His fiancee, Amy Williams, was left standing in the street in her wedding gown while the building was evacuated.

McArdle was arrested and admitted that he made the call because he had forgotten to fill out the paperwork for the wedding.

He was sentenced to 12 months in jail but the good news is that the couple is still together.