Epic Fail of the Day: Kat Stacks Admits to More Publicity Stunts, Gets Worldstar Logo Tatted on Her Butt

Kat Stacks says her beef with Worldstar was a publicity stunt, gets site logo tatted on her butt.

Y’all still messing with Kat Stacks…sigh. Anyway, since she has been vocal on twitter about working with Q, founder of Worldstar Hip-Hop, to build her brand (or whatever) since getting out of the bing but then things went south. Kat Stacks started doing interviews and tweeting that she and Q were beefing and that she was no longer working with him because he’s basically a pimp who takes advantage of young attention w#####.

That didn’t last long. In typical Kat Stacks fashion she’s now claiming that everything she said was for publicity and because she was mad at Q. And…she got the Q’s name plus the Worldstar logo tatted on her butt to show just how contrite she is. Check it:

Fails all around. It’s sad that she’s so gullible and sad that people are probably still taking advantage of her. Smh.