Epic Fail of the Day: Parrot Snitches on Drunk Driving Suspect

A man got pulled over for possibly drunk driving and his pet parrot told police that he was intoxicated.

Mexican motorist Guillermo Reyes was stopped at an alcohol checkpoint in Mexico City on suspicion of drunk driving, and got ratted out by his pet bird.

“He’s drunk, he’s drunk,”  chirped the parakeet from inside Reyes’ vehicle, according to Spanish-language newspaper El Universal.

Police subsequently gave Reyes a breathalyzer test, which he failed. When animal control officers arrived on the scene, they discovered that the bird and his owner were close that they were concerned the animal might die if the two were separated, so authorities locked them up together. Both were held overnight.

That’s what the bird gets for snitching! Either that or maybe the bird was concerned and doled out some tough love. And that’s why you should get a dog.