Epic Win: Man Raped To Death By Women?


Looks like people are dying in stranger and stranger ways. Well, here is the latest. A Nigerian business man has 6 wives and, boy, he must have started a fire he couldn’t put out. The man was apparently of great wealth. He was in the process of having sex with his youngest wife when the other 5 stormed into the bedroom, apparently from the woods. They apparently attacked the man with weapons like knives and sticks. But, it gets better/worse. They forced him into sex with all of them. Uroko Onoja then had sex with three more of his wives. When the fourth was about to get her sh*t off, he stopped breathing. Two of the women have been arrested for killing this brother, who apparently contributed positively to the local community. Well…I’m not sure how clear the term “rape” applies here, but at least he went…feeling something of pleasure. Maybe.