Erica Mena Tells Chinx’s Girlfriend- “It’s All About His Wife”


Photo via Erica’s Instagram

Erica Mena
is something else. She made sure to let a mourning Malika Haqq know how she felt as Haqq mourned the tragic death of rapper Chinx. Mena couldn’t let Haqq just post her memory and condolences to Chinx without reminding her that she was not the wife.

“It’s all about the wife and kids. That’s where the respect should go. As a long time friend of his & his family I know that’s what was important to him period!”

Apparently, Malika was Chinx’s sidechick/girlfriend, and allegedly Chinx and his wife were separated. It has also been said that Erica was messing with Chinx too! SMH RIP Chinx!

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