EST Gee A Quantum Physics Savant? We’ll Never Know After He Ditched Bootleg Kev Interview


Note to self; DO NOT ask EST Gee questions about Aliens, Pornstars or the NFL Combine.

EST Gee could be the most interesting man in the world, but it’s more likely he’s the most impatient. Fans of the CMG signee certainly found the latter to be true this week after a clip of EST Gee allegedly walking out of a podcast interview went viral. It’s unclear at the moment what triggered the Kentucky native’s silent walk-off. The clip currently circulating appears to show EST Gee becoming visibly frustrated after being bombarded with questions about his past experiences as a star student and athlete.

However, walking down memory lane isn’t what set it off. Apparently, the clip itself was proof that his actions were warranted. EST Gee, who eviscerated the podcast host in an Instagram Story post because he essentially “tried it” with him, alleges the interview wasn’t even filmed less than two hours prior to the clip being released. The 29-year-old also claimed it was useless banter about pornstars and aliens that forced his hand to leave the podcast midway through the conversation.

“@bootlegkev You tryna play it like I walked out cause of football like [I] ain’t did plenty interviews talking about playing and talk about it in my music,” EST Gee wrote. “You asking me if I remembered an old man pornstar. If I believe in aliens and the NFL combine????? WTF do that got to do with my album dropping Friday? And I literally just walked out that interview 2 hours ago you already got a clip up??? You tryna go viral LOL 100. I got real life s### going [on] ask around Ion feel like playing so please don’t play wit me cause I play crazy.”

On the flip side of things, EST Gee reportedly arrived at least 90 minutes late to the interview and was never engaged in the conversation in the first place, according to the host.

And get this, EST Gee’s team reportedly told the host that he was interested in topics such as the Universe and Quantum Physics and didn’t want to do a regular promotional interview focused on his upcoming El Toro 2 project.

While there’s no telling who’s really right or wrong in this one, EST Gee surely is getting a load of free promo from the entire moment, as is the platform. Everybody eats B—or so to speak.

Check out the awkward interaction below.