Exclusive Rumor: Promoter Says Drake Flaked On Multi-Million Dollar Chris Brown Fight!


There was a full $10 Million on the line for Chris Brown and Drake to fight in a celebrity charity. $10 MILLION! All they had to do was go at it for 3 rounds with head gear and all that. But, that fight will not happen, according to a promoter. The promoter Damon Feldman told illseed.com exclusively that the fight was made and Chris Brown was down, but Drake pumped the brakes.

“Drake won’t box. He said he doesn’t want to go that rout. So he basically punked out. There will be no fight now. I’m p##### now,” Feldman told illseed.com. It would have settled their grudge and helped charities. I’m real p##### that Chris Brown wanted this and everything was set,” Feldman said from a plane to another engagement.

There you have it folks. No fight. There could have been, says the promoter but there will be none. I’m not sure that either man wanted this, but who knows.

Word on the street Feldman has been trying to get The Game and 40 Glocc in the ring as well, but is having similar issues.

Source: illseed.com