Fail of the Day: Drug Dealer Accidentally Texts Details of Next Deal to Police

Drug dealer fails big time when he accidentally texts police details of a deal.

A New Jersey man who mistakenly sent a text message detailing a drug deal to a detective now faces charges reports AP. The sender revealed that he had a quarter pound of marijuana for sale and wanted to meet at a pizza parlor.

Eventually he met with an undercover police officer but fled when after becoming suspicious. Police soon stopped his vehicle, but the 33-year-old dealer refused to consent to his vehicle being searched so they obtained a warrant and police dogs. It didn’t end well. They found four bags of weed and other drug paraphernalia but there’s no reports on what charges the dealer will face.

I’d like to report a major fail. Womp, womp. I mean, was he high himself when he sent that text to the wrong number that was coincidentally the police?