Fake Lil Durk Gets Caught Up In Tekashi69 / Real Lil Durk Beef

This weird beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Lil Durk gets even weirder as the “Fake Lil Durk” says he was set up in a sting that includes King Von disrespect.

This new rap world is getting stranger and stranger for us lovers of the culture. The main reason is that I just love music and then come the stars of Hip-Hop. But it never lead with beef. That was just means to get to the dope music that we love. Nowadays, it is just beef. Ol illseed is no longer a seed.

Anyway, this isn’t about me. This is about Lil Durk, Tekashi69 and somebody pretending to be Lil Durk. We call the latter “Fake Lil Durk” to keep it simple. Anyway, Durk did some stuff with the Fake Lil Durk in his video. It was fun and cool.

Well, the Fake Lil Durk may have messed up his good thing. Nevertheless, he made a weird denial. He says he was ambushed.

“This was never supposed to happen. Like, never. I was literally supposed to collab with Steve Will Do It. Like I literally wanted to collab with Steve Will Do It because he hit me up first,” he said. Also, there was some weird whispering in the background as if somebody was prepping him.

Check it out:

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Steve Will Do It said the dude knew what was going on. “I don’t even know this guy before today. We wanna see the DMS!!!!. He knew exactly what he was getting into,” he said. UH OK.

This is all pretty childish. Here is the original interaction on IG.


The kid looks like he was completely unaware of what was going on. He even looks a bit scared. And he should be. This is weird to me. How do they have time for these kiddie games? How do they get the “drop” on this kid like this? Is this a special benefit from being down with the special opps? I know! Apparently, he was blessed with $7,000 to do this and 6ix9ine has the receipts. Show them!

No word from Durk on all of this, but I would assume he wants nothing to do with anybody that has touched 6ix9ine.