Family Claims T.I. Requested $40K To Make Appearance At Son’s Funeral


Photo via T.I.’s Instagram

Now this is an interesting story. Apparently, a 12-year-old nicknamed Tip, a clear T.I. fan, was shot and killed in a drive-by. The child’s family made posts on social media about him being a T.I. fan, and the family wanted T.I. to attend the funeral. Allegedly when word got back to T.I he allegedly said his fee is $40,000. With the loss of their child, it seems like they would be mourning the loss more than worrying about a celebrity appearance. Hmmmm. Maybe they wanted T.I. to come speak about/against gun violence. People have gone in on the situation all the way around. Some are wondering why the family would ask T.I. to make an appearance or why T.I. would [allegedly] ask to be paid $40k to do so. Interesting enough some T.I. fans say that everyone else involved in the funeral such as the directors, drivers, florists etc get paid, so why shouldn’t Tip. Hmmm maybe the family should’ve tried to get a local public figure who is actively fighting against gun violence to speak. What are your thoughts?