Is Famous Dex Contemplating Suicide?


Things are certainly spiraling out of control for rapper Famous Dex.

Last week a video went viral as he was caught on surveillance footage beating his girlfriend in an apartment hallway after he found out she cheated on him.

The incident has caused him to receive much public backlash, including the loss of his endorsement deal with Puma.

Dex has since apologized to his fans saying that it was the work of the devil and that no one is perfect.

Just when it seemed that Dex had a positive outlook on life, it looks like he’s actually contemplating suicide.

He posted an Instagram post that said,

“I Just Wanna Kill Myself Oml.”

He even tweeted,

“I’m Done.”

While everyone makes mistakes, such occurrences like domestic violence should NEVER happen! While Dexter is still popular, the fan support has been up and down.

Someone check on Famous Dex and get him in some anger management classes.

Let’s see how he bounces back from this.