Did Drugs Cause Famous Dex’s Seizure?

Famous Dex had a seizure right on stage and the rumors began almost immediately.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There is so much to say about Famous Dex. I know that the AllHipHop edit staff was trying to interview him, but he was allegedly beating up his girlfriend in that time frame. It was a bad time overall so it never happened. And then there were the rumors of drug use, which bring us to this moment.

He was performing early Friday when he just started to spazz at 1 OAK in Hollywood. When it happened, he started to shake violently until the point where people had to hold his arms and legs down. Here is the video:

Well, we all know that Famous Dex has a rep. At the time of this writing, it is unclear if the 26-year old rapper went to the hospital or not. Back in April of this year, he announced publically that he’s no longer messing with Xanax or Lean! Of course, you know that was the first thing people ran with when he had that seizure. Also, I would wonder why he wouldn’t get and get some real medical attention. 

I hope he gets the help he needs.