Fan Does Something Stupid At Griselda Tour Stop


A fan decided to risk life and limb by doing something dumb at a recent Griselda Records stop.


The great Griselda Records crew is on tour. They came to New York City and we didn’t even try to get them. It might all be in our minds, but Westsidegunn, Conway The Machine, and Benny the Butcher are fully blown rap stars now. They are no longer the underground darlings that we helped blow up and support. And so therefore, they have all the trappings of superstars.

Part of that is crazy stuff! I didn’t hear much about the New York stop, but another tour date did produce some rumors. I believe it was the date in Boston. According to a source of mine told me, somebody did something really stupid. A person in the crowd reportedly threw a shoe on stage while Westsidegunn was performing. (I think it was West, at least.) The resulting action basically was somebody getting beat down all the way outside. That’s the impression I got. And that the person that did that stupid deed found themselves in close contact with hands and feet of other people. By the way, this was not the Griselda team or anybody else. This was the FANS handling that, according to my source.

You get the message.

They didn’t stop the amazing show that they put on, from what I understand. I think they are essentially keeping hardcore rap alive. There were some other nuances there that had my source wondering how long the crew would stay together. I won’t go into the details of that because I don’t wanna promote any negativity, but I am going to say that I am hopeful that they maintain their closeness in an effort to stay a unified front. We all know that they are growing as artists and business people, and that produces changes.

Also, all change isn’t good. Especially for the fans. Hopefully, they are able to stretch their wings out as individuals and then have that Wu-Tang-like solidarity that keeps the fans out of any friction. That said, I plan to see these guys at some point. This tour was pretty short so it wraps June 3 in Los Angeles.

Remaining Griselda tour dates:

Thu 5/26/2022 Dallas, TX The Factory

Sun 5/29/2022 Denver, CO Mission Ballroom

Thu 6/2/2022 San Francisco, CA Warfield

Fri 6/3/2022 Los Angeles, CA Shrine Expo Hall