Fans Roast Drake’s Latest Body Addition


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s always good to sit and think out a tattoo before putting it on your body, but with all of the terrible tattoos we’ve seen over the years, it’s clear that a lot of folks don’t.

Now if you are a man, you don’t really want to be proudly sporting a baby tattoo of any sort, and this is what recently got Drake roasted on the internet.

Drake decided to get this baby skull tattoo with the word “unruly” underneath. Because Drake put this rather small tattoo on his arm, and the fact that it’s not surrounded by any other tattoo artwork had fans giving him the side eye.

I mean is he going to get a tramp stamp next? Check out what fans had to say below.

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14 thoughts on “Fans Roast Drake’s Latest Body Addition”

  1. homies would clown me when i got my first one. my main boy joked that it was smaller than a 50 cent coin for the whole summer lol. but for real im bettin drake is gonna build off of this tat!

      1. true that but tats arent only for “reall nixxas” G. to each his own but i agree dude has yet to get blasted up on any of his pieces so far!

      2. Good point, bc real nixxas never change the catalytic converter. You would think he had more money than that lil 3 yr old peel and stick tatt. Even if its small, it looks like its fresh off the wall at the tatt shop. Its hella funny.

      3. i can see how its laughable (i hint at that in my original post) but like i said im bettin hes gonna build off of it same way i did (after a cover up). and since you’re speaking on “reall nixxas” and cars go check out “raps and low riders” on youtube if you havent yet!

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