Fat Joe Is Helping Shake Up The Election


Fat Joe may be getting pretty deep into politics! Rosario Dawson is calling on more Latinos and Latino millennials to get involved in the election as Fuse and Voto Latino are looking for two aspiring Latino journalists to cover the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. According to the Huffinton Post, Fat Joe along with America Ferrera, Rosie Perez, and Angie Martinez will join Dawson in the search to find the Latino journalists through the “Crash the Parties” initiative. It’s nice to see Fat Joe getting involved in an initiative that will galvanize young Latinos to get involved in covering politics and addressing issues that affect their community.

Fat Joe has also had an eventful week as he sent the Hip Hop world into a frenzy when he stopped by ESPN’s Highly Questionable, and revealed that Anthony Mason was the person the Notorious B.I.G. was rapping about on his song “I Got A Story To Tell.” He has since expressed regret about sharing this detail saying, that maybe it wasn’t his place to reveal what he thought was public knowledge.