Fat Joe Responds After Kevin Durant Accuses Him Of Cappin’ About Rucker Park Game

Fat Joe is either the greatest storyteller ever, or an incredibly believable liar!

Remember that time Fat Joe confessed to lying in 90 percent of his raps? Well if you didn’t, Kevin Durant is here with a reminder based on his response to Joey Crack in an unrelated matter.

During A recent appearance on New York Knick’s player’s Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart’s podcast, Fat Joe recounted his experience spectating KD’s infamous game at Rucker park during the NBA lockout season of 2011.

And though his testimony was derived directly from memory, it appears he may have embellished the facts, slighty.

“You know, Kevin Durant was, he scored like 82 points in the third quarter,” Fat Joe started off. “Like, he don’t like me telling this story, they chased him out the Rucker, like they wanted to beat him up.”

He continued, comparing the NBA champion to Iowa University Women’s basketball player Caitlin Clark, in the process.

“He whipped they a## so bad that they wanted to literally beat him up out there. And he was doing like, almost the Caitlin Clark show,” he said. “He was checking it out, woosh, do a three. I mean from the other side of the court, I’m not talking about half-court. No, I was there at the game. I’m not talking about half-court. He was, they checked it out, pass it to him and five guys would go like this [Fat Joe pretends to play defense] and he was hitting them, water. He scored like 80 points I was like, ‘Oh wow.’ I was out there, they chased him into the truck he had to go.”

And even though it was somewhat apparent that Fat Joe was adding a little extra sauce on the story itself, KD wasn’t feeling it at all and addressed the claims in a quoted reply of the video in which he seemingly took the tough guy approach.

“Another podcast lie. It was nothing but respect and love out there that night, didn’t feel unsafe for one second,” KD wrote in his response on Twitter.

Fat Joe has since responded, addressing both Durant’s pushback of his retelling of the story, in addition to acknowledging his affinity for larger than life embellishments when offering oral history.

“I was there he knows I’m not lying 62 points in 3 quarters why was the game stopped it’s all love all i did was big him up ‘GREATEST STORY TELLER IN THE GAME’,” he wrote in a tweet.

Check out the post with the video clip above.