Fat Joe The Preacher?

Fat Joe

Fat Joe is steadily evolving and a recent meme planted a seed that the rapper is now working in the house of the Lord.

Is Fat Joe now a preacher? Today, in the world of fake news, somebody put together a meme that got a rumor started. Basically, the meme shows an Easter representation of Fat Joe as a preacher. Joey Crakk as a religious leader? Now, you already know that’s a joke.

However, the weird thing is a lot of people took what should’ve been a simple meme, and began to think it was real. In this day and age, it’s pretty easy to fool people into thinking something ridiculous could be real. So I’m here to tell you that Fat Joe is not running a church, nor is he attempting to be a true religious leader.

What the meme is from, is some of his speaking engagements that he’s done from time to time. And those were in a more business capacity, but definitely not a church. Now that I think about it, I do believe that Joe probably could pull off a church the way a lot of hustlers have done in the past. Not to say that he’s lacking the conviction of a true rev, but it would be a hard turn to do so.

How people thought this was real, I have no idea.

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That is funny, I have to say. I am sure all the Easter celebrators got a kick out of it.

Check this from two years ago.