Fed Up Rihanna Fans Launch 'Release ANTI' Petition


Photo via Rihanna’s Instagram

Some members of Rihanna’s Navy are pretty upset that Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ album still has not been released. They even went as far as launching a petition via iPetitions.com to have Rihanna release her album sooner rather later. The petition comes almost a year to the date of Ri releasing “Four, Five Seconds” with Kanye West and Paul McCartney. The petition goal is only 1,000 signatures. It’s going to take way more than that to have any affect. It looks like the Navy is just going to have to wait, and the album will come out when it’s supposed to come out. The ANTI World Tour kicks off soon, so the album will most likely be released prior to the tour kicking off. Are you anticipating the album? Rihanna was one of the most streamed artists in 2015, so someone is ready for this album!