Did Fetty Wap Go And Get Married?

Fetty Wap is apparently a married man! Illseed tries to get to the bottom of it all!

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am hearing that the NJ representer Fetty Wap went and got married. Now, the evidence of this “marriage” has disappeared from social media. Here is what apparently happened. Masika Kalysha is a rapper that now goes with Fetty Wap and she put on the interWEBS that she and Fetty were married. There was an inclusion of the word “hood” as in “Hood Marriage” and that has people wondering if this is a real or not. 

It may not be since it got erased from the internet. 

But, you know nothing from the ‘net never really goes away! Here is what Masika said, “”Y’all really can’t believe that we just happy and in love. That post was to highlight how amazing my man is and even when s**t was difficult he still managed to make my birthday great!” In another post that I found floating online, Fetty himself said, “Woke up a married man.”

Well, Fetty has seven kids with six different baby mommas. He recently said one of them wasn’t his biologially, but I don’t know why he wouldn’t just add another one to the repertoire! Anyway, I AM actually happy for them! Ain’t too many people out there happy!