Enough Is Enough: Fetty Wap & Masika Kalysha Learn To Play Nice?


The social media standoff between Fetty Wap and Masika Kalysha may have reached a mature resolution. Since last year, their personal business has been referenced in salacious headlines. These two publiclly allged that one other suggested everything from an “abortion,” to a establishing a willful plot to become impregnated.

The New Jersey native is currently traversing the United States on his Welcome To The Zoo tour. Amid his professional demands, the “My Way” rapper appears to have taken time to reflect on his personal responsibilities. Last night (Feb. 18), Fetty forced his angst to the side and made a public appeal to Masika.

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The two have yet to establish a healthy co-parenting relationship, but Fetty appears to be apologetic for his actions.

Check out his tweet:

Earlier today, the reality starlet issued the following response:

In any relationship respect is essential.