Does Fetty Wap Have A Sex Tape With Both His Ex & New Girlfriend?


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s always something with Fetty Wap and his sister wives/harem!


Word on the street was that Fetty Wap and his ex Alexis Skyy had a sex tape being shopped around. Well we aren’t sure anyone actually cared or wanted it, but a video had in fact been leaked!

Rumor also has it that a video of Fetty Wap’s new girlfriend Slevin Monroe aka Blu, has hit the net also.

Blu certainly isn’t camera shy as she made a name for herself also as a Instagram model with racy pictures all over her page.

In 2017 I’m actually wondering is there anyone out there who doesn’t have freaky flicks on their cell phone. In your opinion, who’s badder between Blu & Alexis?

If you are interested in seeing the clip of Fetty and Alexis and a video of Blu…… click HERE!