Finesse2Tymes Show Ends With Huge Brawl, BUT…


Sometimes the internet does too much and that seems to be the case, where the “cappers” said Finesse2Tymes was involved in a fight on stage.

Finesse2Tymes is on the rise, but he may have to start upping where he rocks. A recent show in Kansas City ended in a huge fight that seemed to involve the successful rapper. But was that the case?

Finesse2Tymes got my attention quickly because he had a crazy chain of KKK members hanging by a noose. Anyway, social media got to going, but they finessed the facts. They made it seem like the rapper, who happens to be down with J. Prince and Atlantic Records, was involved in a fight.

Check it out.

In a video, he seems like it could be Finesse2Tymes, but it is not.

DJ Rocky Montana told XXL that “the man” didn’t even hit the stage when the fighting broke out.

“No Finesse had not hit the stage yet. The altercation was between me and an opening artist. The artist ( went over their stage time and didn’t want to leave the stage. One artist walked up on me and got dropped then as I got my stance back together and waited to see which artist would rush and [that’s] when one of the artist tackled me and attempted to hit me while I was down however he wasn’t connecting with any punches,” he said.

This ends in Finesse hitting the stage with no issue.

Is this like BS?

Social media does too much.