When Flexing Goes Wrong! Bow Wow Takes Another “L”


(AllHipHop Rumors) Bow Wow is certainly a regular at taking “L’s” man!

Bow Wow and Soulja Boy are two peas in a pod we swear.

Social media is the place where everyone, especially rappers, like to flex, when oftentimes the flexing posts could’ve been left completely out.

Bow Wow took to Twitter to claim he had a suite to watch the Atlanta Falcons game over the weekend. The only problem was the Falcons weren’t actually playing as it was a bye week for the team.

Well according to Bow’s flex-gone-wrong, if he really got the dates mixed up, he should still have his suite when the games start back. But…. everyone believes he was lying and just trying to flex hard.

We are convinced Bow Wow doesn’t have any people around him that really love him. He keeps getting roasted and keeps taking the losses. Bow you have to do better man. This is embarrassing for ya!