Murder of FBG Duck Gets Even Sadder, Keef Mocks His Death…And More!

It looks like gangstas have dramatically changed through the years. Now we laugh at the death of our enemies.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I thought the shooting death of FBG Duck was a tragedy. I have come to find out that many consider it funny and worth mocking! In my old again, I didn’t realize that it had gotten to this point! I have been educated!

Chief Keef mocked his passing in this video:

I can’t lie. I only know one song from Keef, but I do know he has long since left Chicago. King Yella said he tried to get Duck outta there, but he failed. King Yella, said “I begged FBG Duck to leave Chicago, everybody eventually gets caught lacking.” 

Even worse, Duck was reportedly shopping for his son’s birthday when he was gunned down in broad day. No regard for his life or his son’s life!