Folks Are Big Mad Over XXL’s Freshman Class Again!


(AllHipHop Rumors) It seems like everyone generally isn’t as excited about the XXL Freshman Class line up as those who actually make the list are.

XXL recently dropped their highly-anticipated Freshman Class issue, and of course chaos followed.

Every year there is an interesting line up, and every year there are hilarious responses. What often ends up happening is there are artists that make the list that people agree with, there are artists and their fan bases who feel that they were snubbed, and then there are arguably trash artists in between on the cover.

Every year at this time, it’s so entertaining as all kinds of debates and memes are sparked. Of course the “kids” swear the old heads are big mad also because allegedly the old heads are out of tune with today’s generation. Is it that older people are out of touch, or is it that today’s artist refuse to own up to the fact that so many of them make TRASH MUSIC?

What are your thoughts on the cover/list? Check out some of the hilarious reactions below.

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