Former Death Row Singer Danny Boy Goes In On Michel’le!


Many have come out and suggested that Michel’le was one of the reasons for Death Row’s demise. Former Death Row singer Danny Boy says Michel’le’s role in Death row was being “super b*tch” and the devil.

Danny Boy says Michel’le destroyed lives. He claims she took his car, moved someone else into his home, and cut off all payments to him while Suge Knight was locked up. According to him, it was never about Death Row, it was about Michel’le. Danny Boy called Michel’le a flat out hoe! There had been accusations that Michel’le may have messed with Tupac too, but Danny Boy says he’s not sure that happened because Suge’s girls were off limits.

Do you think Michel’le was this coldblooded, or do you think she was just taking orders from Suge Knight?