Former Remy Boy Claims He’s Stuck In His Contract Because He’s Better Than Fetty Wap!


Photo via Fetty Wap’s Instagram

A few months back there was a rumor that Fetty Wap’s former Remy Boy group member P-Dice was jumped by Fetty’s crew for disrespecting the “679” rapper. It has been said that P-Dice only came around once “Trap Queen” blew up, and Fetty wasn’t feeling it, nor was he feeling the fact that he didn’t put in the same work as the rest of the crew did. Well apparently P-Dice and Fetty still haven’t settled their differences as Dice is now telling the world that Nitt Da Gritt (@Nittdagrit) won’t let him out of his contract because he knows he will actually surpass the entire crew. Apparently P-Dice is after Fetty and the whole Zoo Gang now, and this is the reason P-Dice popped up at Fetty Wap’s house. Should they release him from his contract so he can continue his career? Do you think he’s better than Fetty Wap?