Freddie Gibbs Challenges Nas For His Crown


Nas was the big Grammy Winner this year, but Freddie Gibbs was not happy for his peer and is now borderline beefing with the king!

What’s going on with Freddie Gibbs?

The 39-year old Gary, Indiana native has decided to come for Nas. Why? I am not sure, but I have some theories. First of all, check out what he said:

He basically said, “Nas is still rapping at a very high level and, therefore, he continues to be competitionf for me. What I find to be interesting is he makes it super clear that there is no “beef,” but that he is not in that brother spirit either.

But THIS is the biggest reason Freddie Gibbs is talking slick about Nasir:

That is correct. Earlier this very year, Nas (like a 30 year vet of the game) bested all of his younger peers with a win for King’s Disease. He got the Grammy! Gibbs almost won that bad boy, and I thought it was no biggie. But clearly it was! I like Gibbs and I wonder if he is related to The Bee Gees somewhere down the line. Anyway, I think he should chillax going at Nas. Nas is way in the nosebleed clouds up there with the gods!

Nas still killing rappers in 2021!!!