French Montana And Lala? Already?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Mannnnnnn in the world of Hip Hop, Athletics, and Hollyweird, dating seems to be one big swap it out situation.

According to TMZ, word on the curb is that French Montana and Lala may be a new item amid Lala and Carmelo Anthony’s pending divorce.

Rumor quickly spread that Carmelo Anthony had impregnated a stripper or some college graduate, and now Lala was spotted kicking it with French Montana at NYC strip club Sapphire.

Apparently, the personality, actress, and author was at Sapphire to allegedly research and shoot footage for her new docu-series ‘Goal Diggers’ which follows strippers who become successful businesswomen.

Some are claiming that Lala and French Montana are just good friends who happened to meet up at the strip club by coincidence. Ummmmmm hmmmmm! So they say. LOL.

Lala is a baddie so I’m sure she’ll bounce back soon. Supposedly Carmelo was telling folks that he wasn’t married but Lala was. Lawd.