Fugees’ Pras Reveals Why Lauryn Hill Stopped Making Albums!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Fugees member Pras recently sat down with DJ Vlad and revealed what caused the legendary Lauryn Hill to stop making albums. We’ve all been wishing for new Lauryn projects post her Diamond-selling album, ‘The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill’.

“She just felt uninspired. I’m going to say this to you. Some people money is a driving force for them. For her, money isn’t a driving force for her. If she had a billion dollars, if she had one dollar she would’ve done it the exact same way….When she says she wasn’t…she’s been uninspired she means that. This is a woman who she has to feel inspired to create, and if she doesn’t feel inspired she’s not going to create. Because that’s what she gets her source of energy from. When we did ‘The Score’ we were inspired from what was happening. You talking Snoop, Pac, Jay, Biggie, Total; you had so much great sh-t happening that we were like we want to get in that game. Let’s bring something to the game. Let’s bring The refugee Fugees style to the table,” said Pras.

Over the years it also seems like Lauryn doesn’t like all the craziness that’s been happening in the world. She’s definitely pro-black, and sometimes when you look at what’s happening int the world, Pras explained that it can make people like her become depressed.

He also credited Lauryn for being an epitome of an artist. Apparently “Nothing Even Matters” to Lauryn but the art, so she really has to be in that creative and inspired space to create.

If Lauryn doesn’t believe that she’s going to create something better than her previous work, then she won’t touch it. That’s a pretty high bar to set too, so it makes me wonder did Lauryn think she couldn’t top her previous success, and this haunted her.

I truly understand how someone can be uninspired for years though. Sometimes it’s years before someone feels inspired and reconnected again. With the amount of time that’s passed now, you would think that Lauryn would have a vault of new material.

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