FunkMaster Flex Blasts Pete Rock In Epic Radio Rant

Pete Rock

Pete Rock and Funk Master Flex have been going toe to toe about Hip-Hop in New York City. The convo went all the way left last night on the radio.

Funk Flex and Pete Rock are going at it and have for days. But, last night they took a hard left. Flex went on the radio and threw ever bomb he had at Pete Rock for over 20 minutes straight. In the diatribe, he maxed out Pete Rock of being a snitch.

But let’s go back a few steps. This all started earlier this week, when Conway The Machine of Griselda Records said that New York City DJs do not support his music. He was talking specifically about DJ Suss One and Funkmaster Flex. Apparently, these guys both like the Griselda movement and even Conway specifically. But the response was pretty serious. Funkmaster Flex went in and said some really harmful things. “You and your team have had a feature from Jay-Z, Eminem, Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Jadakiss, Travis Scott, French Montana, and more?…You’re a 40-plus ‘bars rapper’ sorry lyricist that has had every resource possible!,” Flex said. He also mentioned Kanye West and other notables.

But, then Pete Rock jumped into it.

When Pete Rock jumped into it, it got a little more touchy. And that is because he and Funkmaster Flex are from the same era (I think) and know each other very well. While Funkmaster Flex said he respects Pete Rock tremendously and loves his body work, he did not bite his tongue in his attack. He said many things about Pete Rock‘s character (as he sees it) and suggested he might be on drugs or alcohol, out of touch and also said he has not made dope songs recently. (Be clear, we do not co-sign this – just reporting on it.)

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Now, we all love Pete Rock. And we will never say anything bad about him. But, I would imagine Funkmaster Flex’s words stung because Pete Rock did not respond to multiple SOCIAL MEDIA TAUNTS by Flex. In fact, he ignored numerous things that Flex posted DIRECTLY IN Pete Rock’s COMMENTS. And I found that interesting.

At any rate, last night the whole thing crescendoed with Flex giving us an apparent, ALLEGED reason why CL Smooth and Pete Rock no longer get along. This has dogged my brain for years. I never knew why. And maybe I still don’t know why, but it seems like there is some insight here. Funky Flex said that Pete Rock called the cops on his rap partner because CL smooth was allegedly selling group merchandise overseas.

“The police came to arrest C.L. [Smooth]. Due to a technicality, they could’n’t arrest him. He did this in the U.K. He did not care if he was put in a jail overseas where the rules are totally different from New York. He went to the precinct, filled out a report and cooperated. What type of guy is that? And you talk to me about the game and integrity? You have none. You have zero. Don’t you ever, you hear me, bozo?You say that you want to upkeep Hip-Hop and you are all for Hip-Hop and preserving the culture, but you didn’t write your own bars. You, my friend, are a buffoon.”


So, in this allegation, he called the cops of the United Kingdom to cease his partner in rhyme from selling merchandise. Pete has not responded to these allegations yet, but this sounds extremely insane! I don’t know what to think! I hope Pete Rock says something to settle our hearts.

On top of that, for you crunchy rap nerds, he also made the assertion that she was also suing DJ Eddie F, who worked with Heavy D and the Boyz. Pete Rock and Hev go way back and are cousins.

Lastly, and more crunchy, is the revelation, ALLEGEDLY, that Pete Rock did not write some of his own rhymes. Now this doesn’t bother me so much, because we know Pete Rock mainly as a DJ and Producer. But Flex said it was a big deal.

All of this is just crazy. So much fighting!

Right now I want to hear from Pete Rock. I know that he may be keeping his head down and low for the moment. But, he should say something. He should explain to us what happened. If he can, will be more than happy to support him. I guess if he doesn’t explain, will still be more than happy to support him. But I don’t like him hiding or laying so low when he was saying so much earlier. Anyway, a quick glimpse of his social media just seems that he’s re-tweeting those that support him. And that us as well! Salute Pete Rock. And Funkmaster Flex, well…he is the king of the “go off” at this point.

Still, we have seen Pete Rock in a lot of feuds. He recently had something to say about Diddy, Nas, Canibus and others. Hopefully, we can get back to the music and talk about that a bit more.