Future And Lori Harvey Are A Wrap!

It looked good for a minute, but it seems like it is over.

(AllHipHop Rumors) We thought it would last forever, didn’t we? Lori Harvey and Future allegedly started a relationship out of the ashes of her soiree with Diddy. That was scary to some and interesting to others. Then came perceptive: the relative of Steve Harvey was no dating Future. Well, she apparently moved in with Future and it looked like it was in stone. Lo and behold, it was not meant to be. 

She and Future are kaput, allegedly. The word on the streets of Los Angeles is that she is now back in Steve Harvey’s mansion. Lucky for her, Future also lives in LA – but a penthouse. Steve Harvey rents and Future owns. Which is better? Steve renting apparently absolves him of having to pay astronomically high property taxes in a Hollywood home over 11k square feet in size. Future’s home is considerably smaller, but he owns it. I don’t know which is better but …

I hope Lori gets herself together and cuts the mess out.