Are Future & Lil Yachty Megastars?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Things always seem to get pretty heated on Complex’s ‘Everyday Struggle’. Joe Budden recently debated Joey BadA$$ on who is an isn’t a megastar in Hip Hop right now, and things got interesting.

Within the debate, Joe Budden stated that Future and Lil Yachty were not megastars. He did give Drake and Kendrick Lamar credit for being megastars though.

“Future is dropping projects weeks within weeks,” argued Joey BadA$$.

“Future’s not a megastar. There are plenty of places in America and Future can go and and not a soul would recognize him. But Future can walk to any mall in Kansas and no one is going crazy over him,” said Joe Budden.

Joe Budden went on to say that Lil Yachty isn’t a megastar either.

“It’s a different generation bro. Like Playboi Carti has the whole youth in his hand bro. It’s a different climate. When we talk about the Lil Uzi’s and Lil Yachtys this year 2 from them and their f-cking stars. How can you say Yachty’s not a star? He has f-cking Target and Sprite commercials bro……..while Yachty may not be a star two years from now, he’s a f-cking megastar right now,” said Joey.

“I don’t think Yachty is a megastar. Yachty has good business; he’s not a star. You are not a megastar when you sell 40k records. I’m sorry,” said Joe Budden.

Joe feels that people can’t be megastars if they don’t have big reach.

While Future has had amazing success, maybe he’s still not a megastar. There are successful artists that aren’t megastars. Does Future’s successful run and co-headlined tour with Drake make him a megastar? Most feel it’s easy to rule Yachty out because of the numbers and him failing to make “quality” music.

For someone to be a megastar does it require for them to have huge sales and great music, or is it just about numbers?

Oh yeah, Lil Yachty clapped back at Joe with the stats on Joe’s low sales. Of course you know Joe doesn’t care because he never thought of himself as a megastar anyway.

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