Future Says He Was Kanye West’s Ghost Writer

Future and Kanye used to be friends, who knew? Anyway, he says that he also used to write for Ye, but did not get his credits.

Kanye West and ghost writers is nothing new. But it is something when Future makes the proclamation that he also wrote for Kanye West. Rhymefest is one thing, but The Godfather of Mumble Rap?

In the latest issue of GQ magazine, which has the most erroneous title ever, future lets us know that he and Kanye were very close friends in addition to that he wrote for his bud. He also says that he did not get credit for his works.

“Me and Kanye always had a relationship,” he said. “But it’s hard for people to understand, because I don’t put everything on Instagram. Kanye flew me to Paris in 2011 or 2012 to work on music. [Discussing] his clothing line before it came, his shoe business before it came. People don’t know I’ve been able to go to his house, and pull up right into the crib. We just never talked about it.”

This is not a shocker because a few years ago, Future was the hottest rapper out. Right now, he is not. But he is a superstar and he is a certified Hitmaker.

In the latest issue of the men’s magazine, they facilitate the troll maneuver of the decade. They proclaim him to be the best rapper alive.

What did Big say?

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Nevertheless, what do you think about this new information? And does it even matter!?

KevOnStage had a hilarious take on it.

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