Future Threatens Rocko’s Life? Metro Boomin Takes Shots At Rocko?


(AllHipHop Rumors) I knew it wouldn’t be long before Future and Rocko actually got into it.

The longtime collaborators have both expressed that at one time they even considered themselves to be brothers. Rocko raised eyebrows when he began posting and promoting Future’s latest projects on his Instagram in a positive or rather neutral manner.

Things switched gears when Future went live on social media responding to a fan, and letting them know that his new album wasn’t put out because of Rocko.

As you know, word on the curb is that Rocko is getting some of Future’s touring revenue, and allegedly the royalties from his next two albums as an alleged settlement for Rock’s $10 million lawsuit against Future.

Future took a moment to comment in Rocko’s comments calling him a con artist. What actually caught my eye was Future telling Rocko in the same comment that he was going to die. I don’t know about y’all, but that sounds like a indirect yet direct threat.

You have to be pretty angry to tell someone that they are going to die, so Future sounded like even if he doesn’t kill Rocko himself, he may be upset enough to have it arragned by someone else.

“On gang n-gga! U gone die fake n-gga,” posted Future.

Wow that sure escalated fast. Rocko did respond saying that he wasn’t a con artist when he was letting a young Future shine in his music videos. Rocko didn’t respond to the death threats though.

Many believe that Metro Boomin was even taking shots at Rocko as he tweeted,

“Word of the day #JEALOUSY.
Never could understand the concept of hating on anyone period kuz that’s hoe sh-t anyway. Never could understand how n-ggas can have everything and still hate on the next man trying to put 2 and 2 together. #NotTrill.”

It sounds like for Rocko it’s just about principle and their original agreement. What are you thoughts? Who’s wrong in the situation?

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