Future’s Baby’s Mothers Are Sick & Tired Of Him Not Taking Care Of His Responsibilities

While Future was busy living his best life with Lori Harvey, his baby’s mothers were trying to figure out why he isn’t taking care of home.

Future might have not left his household in order. At least that’s what it seems like according to a post by his baby’s mother, Cindy Renae.

We all love a good quote and we all love putting two and two together to make drama. Cindy posted a quote from Jay-Z that says, “A man that don’t take care his family can’t be rich.”


His other baby’s mother, Eliza Reign, came with the co-sign as she put a simple exclamation mark underneath the post.

Remember these two ladies got a DNA test to prove their children were siblings and the test determined they are in fact related? I guess Future didn’t get the memo.

Lori Harvey, Future’s newest lady, just got wined, dined, and flewed out to Jamaica with him and some of her friends. I guess Cindy and Eliza didn’t get the memo that their children’s father was taking his new babe out the country. Yikes!

Future, are you taking care of your responsibilities at home? We all would like to know.