The Game & Boosie Are Not Here For The Nicki Minaj Slander!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well at least Nicki Minaj has two people in her corner. She’s going to need a lot more, perhaps some crazy battle rap ghostwriters though, if she doesn’t have the “time” to reply.

I can’t decide if I believe The Game wants to date Nicki Minaj/ get in her panties, or if he’s literally just being a friend.

Either way, Game and Boosie BadAzz are sticking up for Minaj as the internet has pronounced Nicki dead after Remy Ma slaughtered the woman on her “ShETHER” diss track.

A TMZ camera man was stopped mid sentence by The Game when he brought up the “ShETHER” track.

“If you about to say something disrespectful about Nicki Minaj, I’ma f-ck you up. If you say something disrespectful about Nicki, I’m taking the camera, the beanie, the glasses, I’m taking your Yeezys…everything,” said Game.

Game is out her campaigning for Nicki’s p—y. LMAO. We ain’t mad at you Game. We see you.

Anyway Boosie gave his two cents on the Nicki/ Remy situation on the gram. Boosie says that while he isn’t taking sides, he still feels that it’s ridiculous that all of a sudden everyone hates Nicki so much when they were the same folks saying she was harder than all male rappers.

“Everywhere I would go I would here ‘Nobody ain’t f-cking with Nikki’ now most of the same hoes told me that have completely turned on this girl/ People r so f-cking fake. This post go make u think like dam I am a fake a-s b-tch,” said Boosie.

I personally feel that only bandwagoners would turn their back on Nicki. Even as a Nicki fan, I can’t sit here and say Remy didn’t kill that girl on that track, but I also have to give Nicki her props. The girl has been nice with it for some time, and she’s done a lot with her career. What are your thoughts?

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