The Game Has The Perfect Replacement For Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams


(AllHipHop Rumors) Despite all of her success, Destiny Child’s Michelle Williams still can’t catch a break!

The Game caught a lot of flack for one of his recent comments about Michelle, but I couldn’t do anything but chuckle, because over the years, I’m sure many of us have considered her possible replacements, or just additions to the R&B trio period.

Yes, Michelle is both beautiful and talented, but even I always wondered why they didn’t put Solange in Destiny’s Child back in the day, especially with Solange dancing in some of Beyonce’s music videos. Sometimes I wonder is Solange’s style and persona authentically her or was it created to guarantee that she’d come out of her sister’s shadow.

Photos surfaced of Destiny’s Child and others hanging out at Solange’s Grammy after party, as well as a screenshot of Game in The Shaderoom’s comments saying that he had the perfect replacement for Williams…….none other than Solange! LOL.

“Let Solange replace Michelle in Destiny’s Child. (hand on temple),” posted Game.

Fans began going in on Game in the comments feeling like the comment was disrespectful, and because Michelle has always been the butt of so many jokes in regards to Destiny’s Child. I sure hope the girl has tough skin, and high self esteem, because one cannot forget all of the things that were “pointed out” in the #PoorMichelle hashtag. LOL. Carry on!

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