Some Other “Stuff” About The Grammys, Gangsta Boo, The BeyHive + More

There was a lot going on in the aftermath of The Grammys and a lot of people are mad that pioneering rapper Gangsta Boo was not included in the In Memoriam tribute.

There was all sorts of stuff going on backstage at The Grammys! I ain’t gonna lie: I wish I was there.

So there was some stuff at play that I heard. Beyonce was “robbed” of the coveted Album of the Year Award – AGAIN. Beyonce has not expressed any discontent, but she had to be somewhat disappointed, losing to Harry Styles. But, here’s the catch. A lot of the BeyHive was in the building and began to heckle as Harry accepted his honors. They were p#####! So, Beyonce did manage to break the record for MOST Grammy win from ANY artist EVER. That is an amazing Blessing and Honor, but I cannot help but think there was a downside to it.

Gangsta Boo was somehow missed in the honorary segment to those that have passed away! How’d they manage to get Hurricane G in there and miss somebody that was as impactful as Gangsta Boo. Boo is also very recent. I don’t know but people went off about it.

Here is our last talk with her.

Lil Need was also overlooked but I do not know much about him. He was signed to Young Thug’s YSL Records and 300 Entertainment. I guess those two entities were not enough. Oddly, he died of natural causes, not gunplay.

There was a ton of things that happened, but I don’t have much more intel at the moment. Send me an email to!

I did see Flavor Flav performing at the official Grammy afterparty with Flo Ridah! HA! That’s crazy. I also saw LL and Ice-T linked up at rehearsal. They used to battle back and forth on the mic in the name off Hip-Hop. Now, they are two incredible business men and mega stars that have no time for that.