SIGNS: Georgia Mother Caught With Her Child Riding In Car Trunk Gets Police Visit

Was the mother in the wrong here?

A Gwinnett County mother is attempting to defend her name as a parent after a viral video has landed her in police custody.

In case you missed it, Dianna Shaffer was filmed driving down the freeway in her Dodge Challenger with the trunk open and a child in the trunk. The clip went viral and caused an uproar on social media. But according to Shaffer, her 12-year-old son was riding halfway in the backseat and halfway in the trunk in order to hold on to a baby bassinet.

After a woman reported the video to authorities, they met with Shaffer at her home in Duluth. In a recent report, she described her actions as an “embarrassing” moment and expressed her concern for her child.

“I would never want to put him intentionally in danger,” Shaffer said. “It was an embarrassing moment. I told him to sit right here, and to hold the leg of the bassinet so it didn’t fly out because the trunk was up.”

Shaffer was charged with reckless conduct and a seat belt violation.