Get Remy On The Phone! Khia Is Lusting After Papoose


(AllHipHop Rumors) Doesn’t Khia know that Remy will shoot a bishhhh?! LOL.

Khia has been known for her controversial commentary more than her music over the last few years. So much so, that her fans were patiently waiting for her to weigh in on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef.

Surprisingly Khia doesn’t have much to say about it, but the plot twist is her reason why!

Khia is deciding not to speak on the subject because she’s lusting after Remy’s husband Papoose.

Khia says that she’s been too busy getting her neck, back, p-ssy, and crack licked that she hasn’t had much time to even form an opinion on the drama between the two female emcees.

While Khia claims that she wants to be neutral, she’s doing the exact opposite as she talks about her desires for her black King Papoose. She says it’s really only out of respect for Pap that she won’t go in on Remy or Nicki.

“It’s something about that Papoose. Ohh. I got so much respect for that Papoose, you know. Mmm. That’s a Black king right there, and since I have so much respect for Papoose, I think it’s best for me to keep my comments to myself, so I can keep him happy at all times,” said Khia in her sexy and seductive voice.

Oh lawd. Remy is gonna smack Khia and release a diss track for her. I wonder if Papoose will respond. Khia is wild!