Gilbert Arenas Taunts Juvenile Over Child Support With A Remix


(AllHipHop Rumors) While a significant amount of people think Gilbert Arenas is petty and ignorant on social media, he made people chuckle for sure with this one.

For the ’99 & the 2000 man! Gilbert is always living up to his Instagram handle, and he’s back at it again with the lack of chill.

The former NBA star turned his reaction to Juvenile being arrested for over $150,000 in child support into a remix of the rapper’s#### “Ha”.

“You gotta go too court (HA) you got served with a subpoena for child support (HA) that was they nerve (HA) you ain’t even get a chance to say a word (HA)….I know you just ain’t gonna let THE COURTS come and punk (HA) stunt and front ya (HA) str8 up run you (HA) ????? @juviethegreat that ho don’t know when to shut up her mouth (HA) YOU GONNA KNOCK THAT HO TEETH OUT (HA) ?????? child support taking over FROM the 99 into the 2000’s,” posted Arenas.

I can’t lie it was hilarious but someone needs to take his phone. At times I think his antics are worse than 50 Cent’s! Isn’t it ironic that Juve referenced child support in the song?!

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